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High Blood Sugar Symptoms!

Are you concerned about increasing blood sugar levels and rising A1c?

If so, there's a good chance you're feeling frustrated and scared because no matter how hard you try to eat better, exercise and take your medications your weight, a1c and blood sugar continue to climb, and nothing seems to work.

You probably don't feel well either, you're tired and don't have the energy to do the things you want to in life and concerned about the complications of rising blood sugar, losing your vision, heart disease, or diabetes and you fear continuing down this path!

You aren't alone there are about 30 million Americans dealing with these same problems, unfortunately the standard recommendation for managing high blood sugar levels is eating less, exercising more and expensive medications (insulin) which have side effects!

Insulin is a hormone that helps move sugar out of your blood and into your cells where it can be used for energy.

Insulin resistance means that your cells have stopped listening to the signal of insulin which means your cells can't access the sugar in your blood which makes you feel tired all the time and also extra hungry since your cells are being starved for energy.

If high blood sugar is the problem, you may wonder where does this sugar come from, the sugar in your blood is driven by how many carbohydrates you eat since carbs are just strings of sugar and when you are insulin resistant eating too many carbs keeps your blood sugar at unsafe levels because your body is struggling to move the sugar out of your blood.

You can think of this as being intolerant to carbs. Just like you wouldn't blame someone for being lactose intolerant, someone with high blood sugar shouldn't be blamed for being carbohydrate intolerant!

While insulin may reduce your blood sugar in the short run, it can make you gain weight in the long run and if you're gaining weight and already feel constantly hungry and tired eating less and exercising more can feel impossible which is why these recommendations don't fix the underlying problem, they're just treating the symptom of high blood sugar.

If eating more carbohydrates than your body can tolerate causes high blood sugar, then the most direct way to reduce blood sugar is to eat fewer carbohydrates.

Despite what you've been told, you do not need to eat carbohydrates for energy, you can get your energy from fat which won't raise your blood sugar.

Which is why I created a program which offers a clinically proven way to decrease your blood sugar, lose weight and get back to doing the things you want to in life!

Metabolic Balance Online helps to induce nutritional ketosis which is a metabolic state that allows you to burn fat as your primary energy source. When you're burning fat as your primary energy source your body produces molecules called ketones, that reduce inflammation, provide a steady flow of energy for important organs like your brain and can even reduce hunger and cravings.

Numerous clinical trials demonstrate that nutritional ketosis can be achieved by intermittent fasting, which is why Metabolic Balance leaves five hours between meals. This means you don’t have to go on a ketogenic diet to induce natural fat burning.

While most clients achieve weight loss and decreases in A1c in as little as 10 weeks what matters most is that over 70% have maintained their success up to 1 year later.

Maintaining weight loss and keeping high blood sugar levels in check requires daily food choices you can stick with in the long term. No one does anything for long if they don't enjoy it, imagine eating these sorts of foods every day without having to worry about counting calories, tasteless diet foods, or constant hunger but achieving nutritional ketosis and using it to reverse high blood sugar levels and natural maintain your weight.

However, this is not that easy on your own, which is why Metabolic Balance starts with a blood test, and takes your personal health history, and food choices into account, so you have a personalized nutritional roadmap to follow, plus one-to-one support, accountability, and expert answers to your questions.

With this combination of personalized support, proven science and on-demand expert care you can't help but succeed.

Join the movement! Thousands of clients have already started Metabolic Balance and now you can lose weight and keep it off, get control of your blood sugar, feel energized, healthy and excited about your future.

A better life is waiting for you. Are you going to reach out and take it?

Schedule your free no-obligation consultation today to see how Metabolic balance could change your life!



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