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Unlock Optimal Wellness with a Personalised Health Assessment and Customised Report – Your Path to a Healthier You!

Metabolic Health Check



Symptom Assessment
& Personalised Health Report 

Together, we'll analyse your specific needs and challenges, focusing on the key factors influencing your symptoms.

You'll leave our consultation armed with knowledge and actionable steps to make immediate improvements in your  health.

This session is all about identifying root causes and jumpstarting your journey towards feeling better, having more energy, and achieving your health goals.



Metabolic Fix



6 Week Group Program

Includes a personal health assessment, glucose monitor and weekly group coaching 

Everyone gets chance to check in, get some advice, support or strategy and goes away with a plan of action. We report back and share the next week.

Plus 121 support - 20 mins each.


Metabolic Health Hub




Personalized Health: Tailored assessments guide your unique wellness journey.

Community & Support: Weekly Q&A, private community access, and exclusive discounts.

Quarterly Follow-ups: Receive a 1:1 follow-up and assessment every quarter.

Member Benefits: Enjoy exclusive discounts on supplements and personalized meal plans. 


When key nutrients become deficient, many metabolic processes are affected. The body may initially try to compensate for such imbalances. However, if they are prolonged, they may contribute to weight gain, hormonal issues, metabolic disorders, food allergies, gut issues, and autoimmunity.

At The Nutrition Helpline, we believe that your journey to better health should begin with a clear understanding of your unique health landscape. Our Symptom Assessment and Personalised Health Report serve as the compass to navigate your path towards vibrant health and energy. 

Our Health Assessment informs you by:

1. Gaining Insight into Your Health History: We delve deep into your diet and health history, eliminating the guesswork and building upon your experiences to tailor a plan that works for you.

2. Quantifying Your Symptoms: Understanding the full spectrum of your symptoms is pivotal. We leave no stone unturned to gauge the extent of your symptoms.

3. Prioritising Your Health Goals: Identifying the areas of your health that require immediate attention allows us to focus on what matters most to you.

4. Analysing Your Symptom Profile: Our Symptom Assessment compiles a comprehensive list of your symptoms, providing a clear snapshot of your current health status.

5. Aligning with Your Primary Health Concerns: We ensure that our assessment is in sync with your primary health concerns, tailoring the report to address your specific needs.

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