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Figuring out the root cause of your fatigue, gut issues, hormone imbalances, and weight gain requires a personal roadmap.

Maybe it's food-related or due to nutritional deficiencies. Perhaps it's genetic or environmental. We won’t know until we carry out a thorough assessment that takes all these factors into account.

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Functional Health Package



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All Inclusive

Our 6 month package is a comprehensive and personalised health journey.

What You’ll Receive:

Unlimited Support: Ongoing, asynchronous coaching tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Assessments: Detailed evaluations of your health status.

Blood Work: In-depth analysis to uncover underlying issues.

Genetic Testing: Insights based on your genetic profile.

Personalised Nutrition Plan:
Choose from a meal plan with shopping list or personal recipe book.

Supplements based on the results of your test results. 

Our holistic approach addresses gut health, metabolism, genetics, and hormone imbalances and more for lasting results.

See further details below or schedule a call. 

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Unlimited Support

Experience ongoing, asynchronous coaching tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you have a quick question or need detailed advice, our expert guidance is always just a message away.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of support that fits your schedule, helping you stay on track and make any necessary adjustments throughout your health journey.

Unlimited Testing

Blood Work: Detailed analysis to identify hidden health concerns.

Genetic Testing: Personalised insights based on your genetic profile.

Stool Test: Evaluation to diagnose gut health issues.
Urine Test: Assessment for hormones and heavy metals.

With our thorough approach, you’ll have all the information needed to achieve and maintain your health goals.

Personalised Nutrition

Choose the nutritional strategy that suits your lifestyle:

Meal Plan: Follow a customised meal plan with a shopping list, making it easy to know exactly what to buy and prepare.

Recipe Guide: Alternatively, select from a variety of delicious, nutrient-rich recipes, offering flexibility for travelling or eating out.

Both options are designed based on food preferences and test results.

Flexible Package Options

We understand that everyone’s health journey is unique, which is why we offer flexible package options. In addition to our 6-month comprehensive plan, we also provide shorter programs like a 6-week intensive or a 3-month plan. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Click the button below to schedule a call and find the perfect package for you.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Our assessment forms the basis of your health journey highlighting priorities that you can make straight away, in many cases this removes the need for extensive and often expensive lab testing.

Nutritional therapy and functional lab testing work hand in hand to offer a holistic approach to your health. While nutritional therapy focuses on optimising your diet and lifestyle, functional lab testing provides the scientific data needed to tailor this approach to your body's unique needs.

Functional lab testing involves advanced diagnostic tests that evaluate various health markers, such as hormones, gut health, and nutrient levels. It complements nutritional therapy by providing detailed insights into your unique biological makeup, enabling a more targeted and effective nutritional plan.

The results from functional lab tests give a detailed picture of your health status, revealing imbalances or deficiencies. These insights are used to create a nutrition plan that addresses your specific needs, leading to more effective and personalised care.

Absolutely. Functional lab testing can identify underlying triggers or contributing factors to these conditions, such as food sensitivities or gut microbiome imbalances. Nutritional therapy then uses this information to develop a diet and lifestyle plan aimed at managing and improving these conditions.

The frequency of functional lab testing varies based on individual needs and health goals. Typically, initial testing is followed by periodic retesting to monitor progress and make adjustments to your nutritional plan. Continuous monitoring ensures that the plan remains effective and responsive to your body's changing needs.

Results can vary, with some clients noticing improvements within weeks, while others may take a few months. The key to success is consistent adherence to your personal health plan.

Look for practitioners who are certified in holistic nutrition and have additional training in functional medicine and lab testing. Experience in interpreting lab results and integrating them into personal nutrition plans is also essential.

Apart from the all inclusive package supplements and lab testing are not included; however, we offer discounts through our health dispensary. We also strive to keep supplements and testing to a minimum through regular monitoring and assessments.

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