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Hey, I'm Andrea Grandson!

Nutritional Therapist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, and graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. 

I specialize in Food Intolerance, Digestive Health and Weight loss. In fact all three are related, since food intolerances disrupt the gut, and slow down the digestive process which ultimately leads to weight gain.

If you want to lose weight, gain consistent energy, sleep more soundly, address food intolerances, or have better digestion then I'd love to talk with you to see how we can work together to make it happen!



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"Andrea is such a talented nutritional therapist and health advocate! She has truly been a partner on my path to wellness by helping me identify and set tangible goals that I can accomplish. Andrea is an absolute wealth of knowledge! Her approach is compassionate and holistic. She helped me solve challenges that other practitioners didn't take the time to understand. I've referred many clients to her and they always thank me profusely because she is so lovely to work with & she gets RESULTS."

Megan Reeves
Aromatherapist & Health Coach

"Andrea is warm and compassionate - so along with her vast knowledge and excellent advice, she is a master at what she does."

Raghubir K
Yoga Teacher

"I bought many of the books you suggested and started to learn more about metabolic syndrome. I am floored by how little I knew about my condition and what caused it. "

B Meadows

"Andrea is a godsend! She supported my husband and me through a nutrition overhaul that left us feeling healthier, more fit, and more in touch with our bodies' nutritional needs. She's so knowledgeable and strikes the perfect balance between inspiring you and also being a gentle guide towards your goals. Can't recommend enough!"

Anne S

"I loved everything about the Metabolic Balance program, from the constant support and reliability from Andrea, my nutrition coach, to the easy breakdown of exactly what was causing me to have certain medical conditions. I also discoverd that removing and adding certain food groups made huge impact to my day to day life."

Sue D

"When it comes to nutritional advice for myself and my coaching clients, Andrea is my go-to nutritional therapist. I’ve been into the ‘food as medicine’ approach for decades and I need someone who’s ahead of the curve and brings something additional to the table. Andrea does that. She’s extremely knowledge, but directs it to the aspects of nutrition that are going to give the best return on investment for her clients. She is grounded with a pragmatic, holistic approach. She’s also knowledge about the body’s energy and information systems and how they relate to healing and nutritions role in this. She is definitely someone I feel I can recommend to my own tribe."

Nadiya Day
Clarity & Confidence Coach

"I was so focused on weight loss and didn't understand that my body won't release the weight until I heal it. It's taken me sometime to figure that out. But I'm finally getting the message. Thank you so much for your help! When I initially reached out to you all I wanted was weight loss, but through your guidance you opened up a new world of holistic nutrition. I learned to focus on the root cause and not the symptoms."

B Meadows

CNM Nutritional Therapist

Healing Foods, Healing Movement, and a Healing Mindset!

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