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When Did You Last Feel on Top of the World?

Most of us could do with more energy… even those who eat well, exercise, get plenty of sleep and make time for self-care wish they had more battery power...

There’s no pill for exhaustion yet tiredness is one of the most common complaints seen at a doctor’s office… 

Fatigue is a sign of lack of oxygen which can be found at the heart of most health challenges.

Energy therapy has been around for decades... and the West is catching on to this non-invasive therapy... if we want energy, then energy therapy sounds like it might be worth a try!

We all have a direct relationship with electricity, to where it's impossible to separate life from it. Even if you lived your life off the grid, you'll find electricity exists. 

Every time we move a muscle, it's the result of an electrical signal being sent from our brain to our muscles telling them to move due to a complex system of nerves throughout our bodies that use electric signals to control everything we do. 

Knowing cell and body reactions are electrical facilitates our understanding of cell voltage (energy) and its effect on diseases and the bodies ability to heal.

A lack of energy is at the center of dis-ease.

Think about the apple that goes brown when cut, (oxidation) when you add lemon juice (anti-oxidant) the apple stops going brown. 

A similar thing happens in the body when there is too much acidity, think sugar, alcohol, grains and meat.

When our diet lacks antioxidants, (fruit and vegetables) we risk oxidative stress, the prime condition for cancer, and most chronic disease due to the lack of oxygen available to our cells.

Fatigue is one of the first signs of oxidative stress... unless you've had a late night.

It's the bodies way of saying we (our cells) need more oxygen (energy).

No matter how organic and clean your diet is, the accumulated stressors of life, unexpressed emotions and environmental toxins, and technology can wreak havoc with your biochemistry.

If we could see all the radio waves, microwaves, and Wi-Fi that surrounds us, we wouldn’t be able to see each other!

This is why we need to balance our diet with alkaline rich foods. The occasional glass of water or a piece of fruit will not cut it.

Everything has a frequency… including you and the food you eat. When we eat processed denatured foods the frequency drops, which in turn compromises our energy and our immune system.

If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines, and missing out on life due to a lack of energy, then consider that it's time to invest in your wellbeing by booking an inital consultation.

My job is to join the dots, and address the cause, so that you can live your best life and do what you do best! 

It starts with a conversation, are you ready?

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