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10 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight!


 Successful slimmers’ don’t diet. Take that in for a second.

Doesn’t, seem right, does it?

In fact, you may be thinking the opposite – that losing weight, by eating a certain number of calories and exercising over a certain period of time is EXACTLY what successful slimmer’s do.

So, if they aren’t “dieting” what’s their secret? Their magic? Their special sauce?

Well, it’s not calorie-controlled food, expensive gym memberships, shakes or some sort of magical unicorn.

Nope, it’s simple:

Successful weight loss folk understand the need to take a deep dive into their nutritional status and deal with or address any or all of the following:

1. Food intolerances
2. Leaky gut
3. Hormone imbalance
4. Blood sugar imbalance
5. Environmental toxins 
6. Nutritional deficiencies
7. Virus, Bacteria or Parasites - aka Pathogens
8. Inefficient fat metabolism
9. Diet low in vitamins and minerals
10. Vagus nerve damage.

If you've never heard of the vagus nerve, you are not alone! However, it can be linked to every item on the list (except number 9).  The vagus nerve controls our parasympathetic system, sometimes called the rest and digest system, which means it plays a major role in keeping our digestive system in working order. Point being, if you don't digest your food properly you will struggle to lose or maintain your weight. 

Think on it for a second – why do people diet?


Do they diet because they want to spend time counting calories, weighing food, and doing balls-to-the-wall workouts?

No, of course not!

They invest in their health and wellbeing because they want something – they have a goal in mind, a problem to be solved, and they want a specific end result.

…they want to look good and feel good without constantly thinking about food and their weight.

Consider this: low thyroid hormones cause a drop in insulin levels, low insulin levels cause high blood sugar, high blood sugar leads to cravings, making it incredibly difficult to stick to healthy eating. That means a person with hypothyroidism will have a much more difficult time when trying to lose weight. Identifying and removing the cause of low thyroid hormones (often food intolerances) can make all the difference to that persons success. 

Successful slimmers know this – which is why they don’t waste energy and effort on "diets" instead they focus in on what is important: i.e. addressing the root cause. 

 But don't take my word for it, as Dani shares in the video above there were several things that we had to address including leaky gut and food intolerance that led to losing 50lbs (and counting) without "dieting"!

What do I mean by "dieting"?

I mean she didn't restrict her eating, count calories or deprive herself of foods she enjoys. Instead she took a food intolerance test, and supplements to match the results of her health assessments. Dani also learnt to cook, read ingredient labels, and replaced certain ingredients with healthier options, like monk fruit instead of sugar, (tastes the same without the blood sugar spike) or cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips.

In short, she made a lifestyle change that she can sustain, instead of going on a diet where the results are short lived if we don't change our lifestlye.

 Here are a few more client success stories that led to weight loss:

  • Balanced hormones and reduced cravings.
  • Healed leaky gut and halted IBS.
  • Addressed constipation and dropped 10lbs.
  • Stopped over exercising and storing stress hormones.
  • Detoxed the liver, and let go of estrogen dominance. 

But here’s the thing: you can't put a price on good health, personalized nutrition and lifestyle isn’t a luxury…

…it’s a necessity.

Do you own an iPhone?

The iPhone is a luxury good – there are plenty of phones out there far cheaper (and better in some cases).

So why did you purchase it?

You had a goal in mind: To get an easy-to-use, high-end, cutting edge piece of technology.

And you also had a result you wanted: To have a certain recognizable status, to better be able to connect with all the people, to have a device with a less hackable operating system and a better look, to make your life easier.

That’s why Apple spends so much on their marketing, showing you how cool their products are and what you can do with them, as it relates to YOUR life. They want to align with your goal + result.

So, I want you to make the mental shift that personalized nutrition is MORE than a luxury… in the long run, it makes your life SO much easier.

The second shift is how you think about weight loss and what you were taught by the dieting industry

I’m going out on a limb here, and you may hate what I’m about to say, but at least give it some thought.


Here goes: What you learn from the food & dieting industry, and what works for you as an individual are two very different things.

What works in the real world: Addressing the root cause, and understanding what your body needs based on your health history, blood work and nutritional needs.

What I am telling you is that there is a huge difference in following a personalized nutrition plan versus a one-size fits all approach that keeps you dieting.

Key things to remember as you eat chocolate - dark antioxidant rich of course :)

1. Successful slimmers don’t diet, instead they address the root cause and follow a personalized approach that they know works for them.
2. Put another way, they recognize that they are unique, and know that it's important to test, not guess! They also know that you can't out exercise a bad diet.
3. People don’t like to pay tons of money for diet plans and supplements that come with vague promises or unclear processes. They want to know they have a plan or approach that's based on their biochemistry, health history and goals.
4. What you are taught by the dieting industry is a little different from what works in the real world, and that’s okay. It's not your fault!  
5. You now have 10 things to consider one of which could lead you to the breakthrough that you've been looking for! 

 It's not as difficult to get started as you might think.

My job is to help you connect the dots, and help you understand and implement your personalized wellness plan. When you work with me you gain access to a wealth of additional information to educate and support you in adopting a new approach to your health and wellbeing.

Want to finish out the year with a powerful shift in your well-being mindset?

Join me for a FREE Health Discovery session so that you can take action before 2020 and start the new year with confidence.  


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