Meal Planning Made Easy!

Meal planning is the single greatest key to reaching your health goals and simplifying life in the kitchen.

Mapping out how you’re going to shop, prep, and eat for the whole week ahead can seem like a whole lot of logistics and not a lot of fun.

Here at The Nutrition Helpline we offer meal planning as a standalone offer or combined with any of our programs to do all the hard work for you, because we feel that meal planning is key to sticking to healthy-eating goals, not to mention save both time and money.

And while there are tons of guides out there with tips on how to do it, I’d argue that if you want the meal-planning process to go from dreaded chore to organizational life-saver you need a done-for-you meal plan that takes food intolerances and personal food preferences into account.


Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned cook, we've got a plan for everyone!

  • Customized Recipes based on your personal food preferences, health goals, preparation time, including/excluding certain ingredients and intolerances!
  • New recipes added each week. 
  • Shopping lists, so you know exactly what to buy for that week.
  • Recipe Guides (without shopping list) for those who don't want to follow a meal plan.
  • Nutrition information that allows you to see your nutritional intake..
  • Each recipe has a notes section with recommendations for adding/swapping ingredients.
  • Beautiful, clean design with easy to follow instructions, and everything is printer-friendly.
  • Prices start at $45 for a 4 week plan and include a 20 minute consultation

Got Questions?

food intolerances, allergies, digestive issues - we can help!


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