One hour consultation that addresses your health history, presenting symptoms, health goals and lifestlye choices.

This consultation is for you if you want to lose weight, gain consistent energy, sleep more soundly, have better digestion or address any other aspect of your health then.

The approach I use is called functional nutrition. That means that I define the imbalance and address the causes (diet and lifestyle), and then help the body repair and regain balance, by improving metabolic function and hormone metabolism.

My job is to join the dots so that you can address the cause, not the symptoms. I meet you where you are at and make it fun and doable.

Together we create a plan and remove the building blocks one by one that have been preventing you from achieving optimal health.


1 hour consultation
Metabolic Assessment
Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan


50% Complete

45% of people have undetected food intolerances, find out if you might be of them.