$697.00 USD

Got complex health issues? Let's discuss them BEFORE you start this program. 

The Metabolic Fix

6 Week Group Program - 1st January -  5th February

Book before December 1st and get a FREE 60 minute consultation.

Includes a personal health assessment and Weekly group coaching 

Everyone gets a chance to check in, get some advice, support or recommendations and goes away with personal action steps. We report back the next week to share our wins, and support each other.

Plus live 121 support - 20 mins each week.

We start all clients with a Functional Health Assessment. This creates a personalised Health Report that allows us to start finding the root cause of your symptoms.

The program includes:

✅ Metabolic Blood Test: Assess fasting insulin, blood sugar, and inflammation levels.

✅ Personalised Health Report: Get a tailored roadmap to better health.

✅ Symptom Spotlight: Dive deep into your unique symptoms for targeted support.

✅ Root Cause Discovery: Identify underlying conditions affecting your well-being.

✅ Nutrient Insights: Uncover vital deficiencies that impact your overall health.

✅ Hormone Harmony: Gain clarity on your endocrine system's role in your vitality.

✅ Gut Wellness: Nurture your gut for improved digestion and immunity.

✅ Food Intolerance Probe: Investigate potential dietary sensitivities.

✅ Custom Fat-Adapted Diet: Achieve fat loss with a tailored eating plan.



What People Are Saying:

Andrea is warm and compassionate - so along with her vast knowledge and excellent advice she is a master at what she does.

Raghukbir K

Andrea is a goodsend! She supported my husband and me through a nutrition overhaul that left us feeling healthier, more fit, and more in touch with our bodies' nutritional needs. She's so knowledgeable and strikes the perfect balance inspiring you and also being a gentle guide towards your goals. Can't recommend enough.

Anne S

I loved everything about the program, from the constant support and reliability from Andrea, my nutrition coach, to the easy breakdown of exactly what was causing me to have certain medical conditions. I also discovered that removing and adding certain food groups made a huge impact to my day to day life.

Sue D

I brought many of the books you suggested and started to learn more about metabolic syndrome, I am floored by how little I knew about my condition and what caused it.

B Meadows